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lirik lagu best man – jagged edge

tell me whats the reason that a mans own woman
could be so cold
and tell me how the two of you could be doing what you doing
right in my home
we were supposed to get married, it’s kinda scary
that we just almost did
i hope that you’re happy, cause you got each other
i don’t want no part of your love

you were my best man
she meant everything to me
she was my girlfriend
closer than two could ever be
you were my best man, best man, yeah yeah
she was my girlfriend, girlfriend, yeah yeah
supposed to be my best friend

should’ve known when i asked a question
you couldn’t even look me in my eyes no more
then you start to st-st-stutter talking about
you know better ??
tell me how could you, you
forget about the situation we been through
tell me why oh why why
did you cheat on me, baby tell me why

think about the time (thinkin bout all the time we shared)
together you and i (i remember when you were my best friend)
whats the reason why (whats the reason why why why…)

[chorus x3]

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