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lirik lagu better give it all to me – falcongate

in the world of losers, homeless people
you shouldn’t waste your money on a game
you work hard, or your parents do, get the money, get a clue
you shouldn’t waste your money on a game
(better give it all to me! )

but tonight d-ck went to a “money winning” place
with two hundred bucks, that’s so hard to replace
he wants to win more, but he will loose it all
his heart is beating faster, as he’s entering the hall

machines all around, beeping, cheeping
some change on the ground
people screaming really loud!

he sits down, let’s start the game
surrounded by people, who seem so betrayed
oh, he dreams of jackpot everyday
every f-ckin’ day!

as we know, fables never happy ending
what do you think, what happened to d-ck?


we all know, he lost it all
oh man, this story was so original!
we all know it! we all know it! we all know it, yeah!

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