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lirik lagu between the clouds – homeboy sandman


people that know, know
the number of people that know bro
the people that know go, yo woooh
bro go, that sh-t is old, though
get you the new sh-t
get up on your legs and salute sh-t
get your solutions
truth is i’m like a school kid in a new fit
wandering a hole in crispy kicks
looking for cute chicks to kiss lipstick on my cheek the rest of the day
bend down stand on my feet the rest of the way
sometimes i go to break a rut and the reps in the way but it’s part of the game, i guess in a way
the ball don’t get wrestled away
as far as addresses i got an impressive array
a personal sp-ce and places to stay should i need an escape
so give me a reason to [?]
say, i cape crusades in broad day on broadway on long shapes
i dong shades, not on face, my off days don’t take place
i’ll cook up an entree then say a long grace
my hombres is hungry
we shovel at home and make haste
once -sses is kicked we take names and never was known to take bricks
jesus was taught to walk on the great lakes by the great h, s, poetry
all you gotta do is say yes
its sunshine and i’ll palm the raisins, check
i’ll drop a loan enough to raise interest
the sun delivers rays then sets
the sun delivers rays then steps

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