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lirik lagu biggie – notorious b.i.g.

(feat. junior mafia)

[lil’ cease]
queen bee, and notorious big n-gg-
the best that ever lived, the best that ever did it
the best that ever lived it
c-cksuckers, what’s his name, huh?
that’s how we do it ya’ll
to all my n-gg-z in the house
bad boy, who we die for
all day, everyday n-gg-

[verse 1]
for the love of big, we bang out
since my man died, we don’t hang out
we blow brains out, we tear the club up pullin things out
mafia world, all my n-gg-z max out
we bad boys, why ya’ll n-gg-z cracked out
coward n-gg-z, most are burried down south
far from gangstas, really hush puppies
n-gg-z bearly speak when we discuss money
n-gg-z stay yappin when there’s always somethin funny
the realest n-gg-z never took nuthin from me
rock ice, stay jig, f-ck with n-gg-z that got drunk, and hate kids
got n-gg-z on state bids, that hate movies like rosewood and matrix
a yo, biggie taught me well, biggie told me how to flip bricks like cartwheel

[chorus: lil’ cease & notorious big]

[lil’ cease]
to all my thugs who puffed him
to all my girls who hugged him
you love him, yell his name..

i’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees
n-gg- please, i c-ck and squeeze for..


[notorious big]
representin bucktown
mack 11’s c-cked back, n-gg-z better duck down
face down, you know the routine, the cream
earings, you know the drama biggie bring

[verse 2]
for big i learn to grip aim and c-ck it
once i got it, i lock it
banger, big city boy with deep pockets
see me speak, that paper better be the topic
i like my ice frozen like the antartic
i’m quick to finish it, your good to start it
and with the flashy colors on, you just a target, waitin for a hard hit
i like marine blue, marine green, roll with a mean team
meshed out, fresh out, and stay greams
we big boys, we do big things, born in this county of kings
i ain’t got sh-t, i spread things, take things
f-ck whenever my mood swings, from the summer for the winter to the spring
my n-gg- ill’s holdin it down for the beam
like big said, we do the real things, we still bubble and steal chains
still tustle, still struggle, we feel pain
still ride, still die for big’s name


[verse 3]
for big i grip the cig, put six in your wig
not cause of what he said, cause of what he did
when i hear that pop quiz, that’s the way i was raised and thats the way it is for..
we roll like the panthers, show our guns on camera
do jokes with police scanners, n-gg-z mediocre, full of dirt like hampers
i roll with a bunch of n-gg-z that wear bandanas and rep…
we kept it thurough, from the heart ripped the barrel
bk style, see big howl, now
lets see who, wanna go against mafia world
n-gg-z nuthin but squirels, they know we rep…
n-gg-z tryin to get a nut, hit in the head or below the gut
wood style roll’em up, get plucked, n-gg- what
go back to spend a ton, and know cats wit gold tooths
know my gat and bust for my n-gg-…


[lil’ kim]
now when i c-ck back and squeeze, my desert e’z
make you drop to your knees, barly able to breathe
my bullets move in threes, one for brook-lyn
one for mafia so take that, uh, and this one’s for…
you know frank kept me iced out
mink dragon, seven figures in my bank account
all that material sh-t, ya’ll still tryin to get it
uh, you f-ckin pr-cks, get off his d-ck tryin to be like…
all ya’ll lame -ss n-gg-s keep my man name out your mouth
or get this sh-t right, check it, it’s the bi, double gi, e
ya’ll n-gg-z can’t see poppa, nor the big moma
who you love… for the y2g, the two ten
we got it sewn, we don’t need ya’ll help, we hold our own
cause this goes out to cats not tryin to give it up
big missin us, shout him out…

[chorus into fade]

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