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lirik lagu birthday – taproot

all you’d show is love yet all i’d see is hate
you know that something’s wrong i know i can’t relate
wind is blowing pleasure by and i don’t feel a thing
emotion fills the sky erosion clouds my brain
i can’t seem to breathe in i can’t seem to see then through the deafening silence of pain

(left all alone again) imprisoned by this selfish reign
(with no more rules to bend) i think i’m breaking down

and if had just one more day
i’d tell you everything, everything i had to say
i miss you
and if i had just one more day
i’d show you one last thing, honesty believes in fate
’cause fate is what i’ve gained

strength has come and gone so now i lie in wait
the void is never long the core belief in fate
i’ve been down this lonely road before i know the way
as situations change, the answers will remain
now i’ve got a reason as time has brought new season to carry me from this pain

living proof of selfless gain

i’ve been down this road, the answers still the same

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