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lirik lagu blackjack – the karkadens

from the very first moment
from the break of the dawn
we had it all coming and they knew all along
i can’t believe, i don’t want to hear it
but the truth of that morning
is exposed here tonight
and how shocking the truth is, oh how shocking a crime
our greatest threat is our own kind

so i don’t belong, don’t belong, don’t belong
and i can’t believe what he’s done

break down from the middle
our structures are collapsing now from every individual
held tight by a bridle
heads are turning only seeing the upshot of a crime
hearts bitter from a visual
victims who are unaware they’re victim to a fiddle
one point remains a riddle
what compelled them to betray their kin like this?

the truth is a burden
that i can’t bear to hold
that will plague at my heart until i’m under a stone
but i can’t let this burden weigh me down
so we gather in the twilight
and we wait ’til the dawn
then we break where they stand, and we watch as they fall
hand in hand with men we thought were foe

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