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lirik lagu blat bitch – volume 70

yo that shirt from goodwill is really f-cking tight
i bet your best friend thinks it’s a good find
honors cl-sses don’t mean sh-t, if you drop out of college
and your link to the world, is your limited knowledge
i don’t understand why you think it’s alright
to be a f-cking b-tch every single night
yeah you got used, didn’t we all
but you didn’t refuse, you need to install
some anti-b-tch software in your brain
cause you played high school like a f-cked up game

we all know it’s true, your boyfriend couldn’t f-ck you
he’s got a bent d-ck, that you proceeded to lick
and get him off, because, he’s all you got
him and his porsche 944, bmw 3, it’s cool
yous a hoe, you know what, you doe
you’re dating 6 foot 6 and you know
everybody wants to kick you
in your teeth, but they wouldn’t do much damage
to your f-cking mouth, cause half your teeth done already fell out

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