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lirik lagu blessed curse – funeral mist


cursed shall be the fruit of thy
body, and cursed shall be the
fruit of thy land, cursed shalt
thou be when thou comest in,
and cursed shalt thou be when
thou goest out.

and thou shall grope at noon-
day, as the blind gropeth in
darkness, and thou shalt not
prosper in thy ways: and thou
shalt be only oppressed and
spoiled evermore, and no man
shall save thee.

the stranger that is within
thee shall get up above thee
very high; and thou shalt come
down very low, he shalt be the
head, and thou shalt be the tail.

and thy heaven that is over
thy head shall be br-ss, and
the earth that is under thee
shall be iron. the lord
shall make the rain of thy land
powder and dust: from heaven
shall it come down upon thee,
until thou be destroyed.

the lord shall make the
pestilence cleave unto thee,
until he have consumed thee
from off the land, whither thou
goest to possess it. the
lord shall smite thee with
a consumption, and with a
fever, and with an inflammation,
and with an extreme burning,
and with the sword, and with
blasting, and with mildew;
and they shall pursue thee
until thou perish, because
thou wouldest not obey
the voice of the lord thy god.