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lirik lagu blessed – martina mcbride

i get kissed by the sun
each morning
put my feet on a hardwood floor
i get to hear my children laughing
down the hall through the
bedroom door
sometimes i sit on my
front porch swing
just soaking up the day
i think to myself, i think to myself
this world is a beautiful place

i have been blessed
and i feel like i’ve found my way
i thank god for all i’ve been given
at the end of every day
i have been blessed
with so much more than i deserve
to be here with the ones
that love me
to love them so much it hurts
i have been blessed

across a crowded room
i know you know what i’m thinking
by the way i look at you
and when we’re lying in the quiet
and no words have to be said
i think to myself, i think to myself
this love is a beautiful gift


when i’m singing my kids to sleep
when i feel you holding me
i know


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