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lirik lagu blessed – nelly

i may never climb a mountain

so i can see the world from there

i may never ride the waves

and taste the salty ocean air

or build a bridge

that would last a hundred years

but no matter where the road leads

one thing is always clear

i am blessed

i am blessed

from when i rise up in the morning

til i lay my head to rest

i feel you near me

you soothe me when i’m weary

oh lord, for all the worst and all the best

i am blessed

all along the road less traveled

i have crawled and i have run

i have wandered through the wind and rain

until i found the sun

the watching eyes ask me why

i walk this narrow way

i will gladly give the reason

for the hope i have today

repeat chorus

you’ve given me joy

you’ve given me love

you give me strength

when i want to give up

you came from heaven

to rescue my soul

this is the reason i know, i know

repeat chorus

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