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lirik lagu blessing your illness – autumnia


…fall asleep… i’m by your side…
… i take your hand… so calm…
fall asleep… i take away your breath
and your decay’s inside of me

close your eyes…
… for these sweet dreams
for a pain inside of you
close your eyes…
whether there morning will come?
please, don’t care
close your eyes…
take [me] away from your grave
let me dress your funeralia
close your eyes…
allow me to not wake up… (instead of you)
… and bless your illness…

crossing your cold hands
filling you with an old age
crossing your pierced palms
i flow in you with disease

in heart’s beat there’s a sense to believe
i’m here… i die with you
in a hope… dissolving me (in oblivion)
blessing you… and away from these days

i’m here… give me your last breath
stretch your hands to me
let your tears wash the hopelessness
with farewell groan to exhale my name