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lirik lagu blood motive – extreme violence

unlimited cadavers, join the alive, retaining their old bodies
craving for blood, tenfold population, the dead run ring around
uncountable mutilations form the perfect gore in the world of the dead
blood motive dismembered freaks sip mankind’s blood
smash their brains and destroy their dreams
unborn lives raped from inside the womb
newborn virgins b-tches feel their stomachs to erupt
men without limbs praying to their inexistent god
for salvation or less painful death
known and unknown suffer the same way
first the skin and then the organs
congealed blood everywhere, alimentary for the dead
united with wildings after they’ve f-cked and tasted them
a f-cking little child is smearing with cold blood
pretending the dead is not an easy thing
the only vision is atrocious death
that sends you to h-ll before you really go
first sucked the zombie’s rotten d-ck
and then sucked the full of dead maggots feces
after that they gutted him and filled him with insects
so they can have a f-cking tasty breakfast
cuded throat crams the zombie’s gorge
vomits the child and f-cks it again
a b-tch is masturbating with the view
cuts her legs and puts them into her c-nt
total masturbation in warm blood
pleasure for a moment everlasting suffering
feasting on festering flesh, what a sweet delicacy
carnal left-overs in a withering decay
v-g-n- they want to eat, a funeral feast
and bl–dy dead tissue of decaying meat
festering death, holes open in the head
expressions of greed beaten relentlessly
funeral f-ck, the zombie’s next attack
purulent meat is what they adore to eat
and warm bl–dy bowels spewing yellow pus
undead they are, they reek of putrefaction
seeking next victims, their thoughts will take actions
putrified remains, primordial ways of death
unholy dead spirits live again.

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