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lirik lagu bloodletting – exxplorer

i’ll cut myself open,
so that you can read me
and stretch my wound wide
are you sure you can see?
blood never lies
and i won’t deceive you
open your eyes
and feast on the sight of the truth

let the blood flow, let the words go
i won’t make it any clearer than that
if you don’t understand me
or can’t comprehend me
here’s a pearl for swine:
i bleed in a rhyme
i’m afraid i might die out here

i want to bleed for you
i want to bleed for you
i want you to bleed for me too
bleed for me too. like i for you

where is the line that divides
fiction from lies?
blood floods over both of these,
makes them small, like two drops in the seas

i get so tired of being lied to. don’t you?

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