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lirik lagu bloodseednation – christ agony

dead signs in blazing stars
eternity and heart…
dead symbols in seeking
for true freedom…

you hug your ashes at night
and shower your fate
from hand to hand
all these ashes are just a small part
of the great power
unfathomable… and dreamt about…

this symbol allows to survive the night
allows to live and curse…
all this power of eternal might
shall be found deep inside of you

blood trickles nations
in degradation of their brains
rotten hatching spell – driven away only by witches…
the coming of an end is the endless time
the endless chaos…

mankind is guilty…
their humanity tested
in chaos we find power, in anarchy we find life
destroy the walls with fallen symbol
crash stained-gl-ss of many meanings
crash every prophecy…
be individual on firmament
of meanings of your own…

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