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lirik lagu blue balloon – 22-pistepirkko

labour day, big crowd
market square, feelin’ down
just want to say what i’m really thinking
i don’t like your music and i hate your style
somebody said “sorry man, but you’re talking to
a blue gary moore -balloon”

shame, shame, shame
this is not my day
better change the name and the place

another day, another place
i met that girl, just my style
20 and 55
i told her: “you’re cute”
“come with me and i’ll make you happy”
“sorry, man i’m occupied and i’m a man”

shame, shame…

so i had to find the end to this story
and the end to my boring glory
so i was standing at kissing bridge
looking down to muddy water, feelin’ so blue
knowing what to do
goodbye you, cruel, cruel world


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