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lirik lagu bluesboy – amanda palmer

bright, my little bluesboy
you smile too much
let’s see a nice frown
don’t touch so much

he made it look fun
what’s done is done
i am so stupid
you are so young
and still i’d have to say
that now and then i’d cry to see your smile

still i have no reason
i have no rhyme
i’m out of your time
you’re out of town
a difference not in years
but in the distance from a place that i look through

you cried for me twice
and i have hope, but not enough, no not enough
no not so little that
i’d dare to tie the rope

she lied for you twice
she doesn’t like me
i understand but
she isn’t nice

and i sat by the window
you wrote a story
you think i’m evil
i hope you’re wrong
and still i felt a spark
when it’s implied that i had been a good thing

i’m still dumb
but you’re still young, but not enough, no not enough
no not so old that you could
realize what you’ve done

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