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lirik lagu bonus track – stuck lucky

(i’m very sorry. it’s broken and i don’t f-ckin’ want it back.)

here we go!

we’re not tough enough
we’ve got h-rns
f-ck you!

f-ck you!

and apparently,
we we’re gonna be booted (oh my god! )
and exiled from the punk scene in nashville
f-ck you!

finally got the chance to say what i want
now i’ve got you on the ground with a gun
never gonna happen till i get the day
but i’ve got the guts to say, “hey, f-ck you!” alright

pah pah pah!
ha ha ha!
f-ck you!

(f-ck you. f-ck you. hey, i appreciate it.
thank you very much, you guys we’re sweet. sweeeeet.)

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