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lirik lagu bossin’ up – kid ink

bossin’ up

[hook (x2)]
valet park my whip n-gg-
hammer time for my chips n-gg-
(bossin’ up!)
add it up, your girlfriend choosin’ so you mad as f-ck
chillin’ with my coalition n-gg-‘s rackin’ up
(bossin’ up) a-add it up
(bossin’ up) a-add it up
a lil’ louis but my b-tch wants some bags and stuff

it goes
valet when i park it
og when i spark it
money speak when i’m talkin’
j’s on when i’m walking
they fired up like -rs-n
you can’t touch my garments
up late nights p-ss carson
drinkin’ large proportions of that turn up, juice
got your girlfriend, loose
checkin’ that -ss listening to loup
give a n-gg- all holes no loops
give a n-gg- all brain no lip
i be at the ball hanging no grip
pant saggin’ of four fitfh
my security bullets like 4 inches
get that sh-t like four ninjas
did that sh-t for my n-gg-‘s who
made it out the hood to the good side
bossin’ up with no tie
you heard it through the grape vine
and i was actually there, yeah
it’s clear who’s been gettin’ to the bread like panera, ugh

[hook (x2)]

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