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lirik lagu bouquet – these green eyes


when we were young
we had hopes and plans and dreams
like everyone
i’d like to think that we had fun
but there you were
now everything that we have
is just as good today as it was then

i know this started as a game
like all the others that we used to play
would i be wrong in any way
if i asked you just this once to stay

stay with me please
but you wouldn’t stay

and now i hold it in
and let it burn
just as everything that i have left
is stripped away from me by you again

i don’t know why you turn away
are you afraid to see what’s written on my face
almost begging you to say
that maybe you might feel the same

did you forget my name
did you forget my face
when you turned your back on me and walked away
as if i don’t exist
as if i never were
as if it never happened
does it matter anymore to you
that i might have emotion?

and did you ever stop to think
that your actions had consequences?
as i lie awake and think
of what you’ve done
and what you’ve done to me
i wish that i had known there was an easy way out
stay away
stay awake

so you forget my name?
so you forget my face?
i’ve never been betrayed
like this before!

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