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lirik lagu brand new faces – 800 octane

a million days have p-ssed since i was in high school. a million days but all my memories remain. i look back at all those days and wonder if i could ever go back would it still be the same? too late for that. i can’t go back. and try if i may, my face shows my age. those days in college always seemed to fly by. me and my friends doing everything but what we should. a lot has changed in those few years. i hope my future stills looks as good. 1991, under a setting southern sun. that shines down on me. in a memory. the other day i drove to vancouver. i went to go see one of my friends. he said do you ever talk to paul or heather? said i haven’t in a while but i would like to again. and i’d love to back and visit all these places, but it would be brand new faces.

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