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lirik lagu break it up – cloven hoof

hey- woah! hey- woah!
hey- woah! hey- hey- woah!

break it up,
ya bring me down.
know where you bin,
you fool around.

do anythind,
ya wanna do.
your telling me,
i’m telling you.

a-hey-yeah! (hey-woah)
a-hey-yeah! (hey-woah)

you think you got me where you want me?
well i think you got it wrong.
get off my case,
i’ll find someplace,
just where i feel i can belong…
and that’s away from you!

break it up!
come on and break it up.
why don’t ya break it up!
break it up!
there aint no making up,
…no not this time!

falling in,
i’m cutting out.
i can see,
what your about.

oh it’s so strange,
you never learn.
had you way,
now it’s my turn.

a-hey-yeah! (hey-woah)
a-hey-yeah! (hey-woah)

fight tooth and nail,
hang on my tail.
can’t ever seem to get away.
i’ve had enough,
go strut your stuff,
it’s time to call it all a day.
stop wasting all my time and money.

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