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lirik lagu break up, breakdown – kelsey and the chaos!

[1st verse]
i got a vibe for you last night.
i knew it wasn’t right.
i feel it coming on again.
you say we’re better off just friends.

and can’t you see i’m tightly bound.
i’m up so high, can’t see the ground.
i’m lost in hopeless misery.
oh baby! you and me.
(you and me)

having a breakup, breakdown,
everytime you come around.
don’t you know i miss you so?
(can’t believe i let you go)
breakup, breakdown,
i wish you would come around.
we’re breaking every (every, every)
i’m breaking down.

[2nd verse]
i gave you everything and more.
and still you’re walking out the door.
someday you’ll wish that you were mine.

[chorus] x2

and everyday i feel alone
because i’m always on my own.
i’m waiting for you now on my own.
it’s never, ever good enough!

(breakup, breakdown breakup, breakdown)
don’t you know i’m breaking down? x2

[chorus] x2

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