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lirik lagu breathe – john frusciante

[voice 1:] hole in my pocket
[voice 2:] in mysteries

[voice 1:] sold my women to you feed me
[voice 2:] there’s been wine for him

[voice 2:] i feel bad what’s wrong my love

[voice 1:] on a ground you are a clown if i each
[voice 1:] my select tide of course

[voice 1:] sold your woman i’ve been on your c-ck about in
[voice 2:] have you been you i’ve seen. what about sin.

[voice 2:] she loves

[voice 1:] you with your fresh towel
[voice 2:] she has thrown down

[voice 1:] do you bloomer in your fool
[voice 2:] you gloom i have been

[voice 1:] give this darling
[voice 2:] with this tumbling door bell ring

[voice 2:] she be into me

[voice 2:] my trend

[voice 2:] she would steal

[voice 1:] you won’t believe it’s been you
[voice 2:] you are this and that you

[voice 1:] could you believe this is matter of true, oh yeah
[voice 2:] could you be, this is true

[voice 1:] hold your woman
[voice 2:] in moment matter

[voice 2:] it’s been happening right

[voice 1:] you found
[voice 2:] you find

[voice 1:] you’re buys
[voice 2:] you fortune the p-n-s

[voice 1:] like at the sky have no country side
[voice 2:] in the book store have become

[voice 1:] if you know what i mean
[voice 2:] you can have the same dope and it

[voice 2:] this sucks

[voice 1:] do you know what i mean
[voice 2:] no matter where are go the people are marvelous

[voice 1:] let her scream
[voice 2:] you survive

[voice 1:] to the one that she owes a scream
[voice 2:] your porch porcupine

[voice 1:] with i have been a vein i think we were the same in mushroom
[voice 2:] i’ve been porcupine ah ha hey porcupine

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