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lirik lagu brethren of the coast – the karkadens

come as we rise again
one by one this brethren
fortifies before our eyes
into our hands
come, not just anyone
swindlers, blaggards, hooligans
to vanish from this famished waste of land

she sings my heart in two
oh my confreres, these are the songs of my lady, blue
oh, she sings

raise your anchors; it’s been too long
oh my brothers, join me and sing along
forward from the depths of power
and witness our finest hour
under black and prisoner to none
oh my brothers, join now and sing along
forward from the depths of power

gone with the tide again
swindlers, blaggards, hooligans
men that should be dancing with jack ketch
dead men tell no tales and i’ve
got one you should hear so i’m
on my back home to barbary

seven years for seven seas
beaut and vast in melody
and oh so winsome
variant, each moment p-ssed
as am i to no contrast
like she’s calling
she’s calling me
come on, come on, come on

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