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lirik lagu bromance – ryan higa


it’s like polio and aids
if you had it you might be contagious
and when i’m feeling sick
you know just what to do
you my doctor (doctor), yeah you know me (know me)
and if you ever need a vaccine
i’d take it off any cow for you
cuz you’re more important than the rest
i confess, i’m a mess
if i’m not getting my pills daily
you know its true, you my md (md)
now get some cures with me if you’re feeling the same way too

[hook: chester see]
nothing really scary about it
not that there’s anything wrong with being scared
shouldn’t be ashamed or hide it
i have treatment in the most non-painful way

treat me
to a promise that you’ll be the kind of the friend that in the end
will always keep you healthy
cause when the world gets sick
and times get hard
i will always treat you, i’ll be your bodyguard
cause you’re my patient (patients), i’ll give you medications (cations)
i’ll prove it time and time again, i got your back until the end
a brother from another mother never knew how much we’re distant
till i started to find dna… huh?


[chester see:]
now that i told you what i know
hope you know the same things too
but if you don’t, this song was just a joke (hahaha)
but if you do, i’ll treat youuuuu