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lirik lagu buffett time – mike parrish & six gun


verse i
well i know a lotta’ people just like me
who love to gather ’round on crystal beach
and we’ll do d-mned well as we please
there’ll always be somebody with somethin’ to say
about the way you choose to spend your days
and those are the ones who are just afraid to be free
they tell ya’ he did this, they say she did that
but like ol’ merle i wear my own kinda hat
if you don’t like it you can move on down the line
don’t really care whatcha say about me
i get along by myself you see
and you can do better than to try and waste my time

i’m a texas born bonafide h-ll raiser and i do as i please
gonna’ lay around ’til the sun goes down in this warm southern breeze
hey if ya’ wanna’, p-ss me a corona, i got the salt and lime
got nowhere else i’d rather be, i’m just livin on buffett time

verse ii
some folks say i got a bad att-tude
i’ve always been one to sing my own kinda tune
i don’t do what every one expects of me
i ramble around from town to town
when it’s time to leave i ain’t wearin’ a frown
pack up my guitar and i leave
well if you don’t like me then that’s your loss
but over my life i’m the one that’s boss
i try to do what i think is right at the time
i’m gonna be myself ’cause that’s who i am
and if you don’t like it i don’t give a d-mn
like that ol’ song i’m gonna let my little light shine.

repeat chorus
interlude / lead guitar
key change
repeat chorus

got nowhere else i’d rather be, i’m just livin’ on buffett time