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lirik lagu buried alive – drivin rain

‘tween the silence and the darkness, in a place that shouldn’t be.
there’s a coffin buried six foot deep, and in that box is me.
there’s a horrible sensation, when i realize.
i’m paying double for my sins, they’ve buried me alive.

i don’t know how many, threw dirt and i don’t care.
but i know that i’ve been buried alive and i’m running out of air.
maybe i’ve just lost my mind, maybe i’ve lost myself.
maybe this is where i belong, maybe this is h-ll.

(chs)-suffocation, terrified
hallucinating, haven’t died.
there ain’t no way to survive
cause i’ve been buried, buried alive.

the sun shines after midnight, and it rains when i’m awake.
a lie becomes reality, the truth is my mistake.
i’m buried and forgotten, there’s noway to escape.
the undertaker smiles as he walks across my grave.

(chs)-suffocation, terrified
hallucinating, haven’t died.
contemplating, suicide
cause i’ve been buried, buried alive.
buried alive!

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