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lirik lagu burn the bridge – mushroomhead

“burn the bridge”

it’s a far flung dream to die in, we can’t wake up
and the scars we leave behind us
aren’t enough to somehow free us
and the tragedy between us
is a mountain we can’t climb, together
we keep getting lost inside the rhyme
just don’t burn the brides that you p-ss…
this is not the ending, just a start
cause i burn

everything’s something, yet your not above me
i’m under here bubbling, sweet the explosion sing
witness the bitterness, shatter the beginning bliss
only thing left to achieve is a reason to be free

burn the brides and try to tie the lies together
in verses of worship and pain, all that remains

you don’t own me, died in a dream
you don’t own me, or who i’m supposed to be

this reality, sobriety can leave you blind
your insincerity can burn the bridge
you leave behind

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