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lirik lagu burning bright – shinedown

i feel like there is no need for conversation
some questions are better left without a reason
and i would rather reveal myself than my situation
now and then i consider my hesitation
the more the light shines through me
i pretend to close my eyes
the more the dark consumes me
i pretend i’m burning, burning bright

i wonder if the things i did were just to be different
to spare myself from the constant shame of my existence
and i would surely redeem myself in my desperation
here and now i’ll express my situation

[chorus (2)]

there’s nothing ever wrong but nothing’s ever right
such a cruel contradiction
i know i crossed the line, it’s not easy to define
i’m born to indecision
there’s always something new, some path i’m supposed to choose
with no particular rhyme or reason

[chorus (2)]

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