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lirik lagu bust shots – andrew kelley


we be jamming, i grill on the track just like salmon
i don’t play no games, baccarat or backgammon
i’m supreme cliente’, rawer than sushi
and if your girl got my number, means i beat that p-ssy
sword slayer, d-ck slinger, i got the stroll
of an r&b singer, wu-tang ruckus bringer
36 different dialects, we call spot checks
my homeland security, is up in the projects
shaolin, stampleton, bricks on broad street
that’s where n-gg-rs get chopped up like raw meat
f-ck that, started off rocking a stocking
over my face, now my face is what gets it popping
donnie had the wave voice, being blow’d through the mic
the definition of true t.v., f-ck spike!
i’m the realest akeyed that ever wet these blocks
too black for bet, too wild for cops.

and make your bust shots in the air and scream yeah!
or try and learned it from the mental sh-t, son

pretty tone, i got you, fingers
morphine flow, lean on the br-ss gold
i can see your snake eyes without the cr-p roll
bust the mac stroll, laughing at you -ssholes
sticking th-rns in my pride like the black crows
cracking your dome for breakfast, deck spit
lava, fresh like the produce section
rapping, there’s no use testing, you know who stepped in
it’s deck b-tch, for those who question
like serena on the serve, i swing hard
main event, bad broads with ring card
this sh-t here, n-gg-rs get the fiend nod
on the wreck, though, these cowards never seen yard
head boss, you scavenge off what deck toss
i don’t fall for petty talk i check the source
flex force with army arms, i lets off
bomb threat, blow both your stinky legs on!