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lirik lagu but i was cool – albert collins

i always live by the, golden rule
whatever happens, ha, don’t blow your cool!
you gotta have nerves of steel
and never show folks how you, honestly feel

i lived all my life this way, ha
for example, take yesterday:

i breeze home happy bringin’ her my pay
her note read …so long savvy, i haven’t gone away!
an’ i threw myself down across our empty bed
an’ this is what i said:

ooo shhhhiiiii ooow ooow ooow
what? oh what are you gonna do with me?
ooo wow uh
but i was cool!

so i “one for the roaded” at a all night bar

i wound up so loaded, i tore up my car
the judge threw the book at me,
an’ when i read, the sentence there, i said:

“oow! please oooow ooow, please i got to know, i got to know
what? what went wrong?
i don’t underst… i oh a,
but i was cool!

so i said she’s the only one, that i have to pay
and i found her an’ pulled my gun, an’ fired point blank
the shot whistled right past that woman’s head
an’ i killed my hound dog, dead!

oooooow, ruff ruff, rrr, rrr, rrr, rur, rur, rur
as they carried me away
i was overheard to say,
“be cool, be cool, stay cool, be cool!”

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