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lirik lagu cabaret – cold war kids

i’m dreaming from a subway car, leaving my shoes for that seven story mountain
i can’t remember ever climbing anything
because my fingers are snapping two years past now with nothing to show
i tried to go because i’m all bruised up searching for the road.

and what am i to look for?
how will i know when i find it?
in the country or the city?
i peep my head ’round every building.

i’m making up for lost time now giving everything i own to the kids on my street.
and i can rest -ssured they need it so much more than me.

i can’t explain it, can’t explain it, but it feels like somebody lifted.
i can’t explain it but it feels like some weight is gone.

and could you use some help, sir?
i can’t offer you no money.
how ’bout some strong advice, sir?
you can climb better than any other.

sometimes i worry ’bout my friends and their lives, they get me so overwhelming.
i seen their lives had p-ssed, had p-ssed just with one blink of an eye.
and making so sure they can’t leave me once and you’re leaving me two toned.
i can’t believe i let the things i hear inside this room.

and what am i to live for?
i can’t count on any other.
and things are running rather way past due and i can’t complain.
and all the fights i fight are way past due and i can’t complain.

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