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lirik lagu cal bear – mac dre

drizzle, california hot boy makin’ it sizzle

[verse 1]
i’m a roper smoker, love to yoke a, chevy when i’m ripter
used to post up on the block with dope i got from victor
i go nuts, do donuts when i’m full of that liquor
get hoe bucks man so much i ran game and pimped her
my thang thang got twisters, two sets like sisters
davins, and choppers there’s no stoppin mister
a california bear, all up in your ear
while i’m playing with your hair, b-tch i’m a player
it ain’t fair, n-gg-z like me is rare
hard to find, you might not find one like me anywhere
you can search tall trees, the bottom of the seas
n-gg- please, they don’t make them like these
huh what you say, you gone do what?
i murder, get further, in my coughnut
geeks i chew up, in the streets i grew up
i run with n-gg-z that’ll peel a n-gg- for a few bucks
i’m sewing thangs up, got the game on lock
give you an e for effort, but it ain’t no knock
man this thang don’t stop, i’m all night like denny’s
i’m countin’ thow-wows while you scr-pin’ for pennies
i’m tight like two hemmies, dope like two gremmies
put a dub in the blunt cause i don’t like them skinny
mafia like benny, i offer ya some remy
playboy, from the bay boy
i sav lav, ya hear me?

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