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lirik lagu call to action – the brat attack

tonight i smile as suburbia burns.
a mental revolution for those who conformed.
torch the suv’s in a show of liberation.
awaken the dead of the fast-food nation.
i laugh at the thought of a dead president.
autonomous factions make ’em waste-corpse government.
positive pro-action, people’s revolution.
rise up- black mask resurrection.

injustice baby, no compromise.
in justice, i fight the lies.

this is a call to action, rise up to rip down their factions.
this is a call to action. destroy, destroy.
this is a call to action. organize destroy
the lies we’ll rise above them.

the tears from when i see apathy.
unconcerned youth and their complacency.
we need the scene to make real the dream.
disregard the doubt cause i f-cking believe!

tonight we play so the message is spread.
if we don’t take action, we’re better off dead.
a call to justice, real democracy.
freedom from the capitalist captivity.

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