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lirik lagu caller no.10 – 69 boyz

dj: hey, hey, hey, this is d.d. deda, h-llo your caller ten.

tajuana screams.

tajuana: i won, i won, i won!

yells in background.

tajuana: y’all shut the h-ll up!
dj: hey, what’s your name?
tajuana: tajuana from brentwood! what i won?
dj: well, you just won that sixty-nine splat pack.
tajuana: for real?
dj: oh yeah, this includes first cl-ss round trip train fare
and two tickets to ding-a-ling land.
tajuana: for real?
dj: where they have all kind of rides and fun, fun, fun.
such as the totem pole, the back-breaker, and the long stroker
roller coaster!
tajuana: hey!
dj: and guess what?
tajuana: what?
dj: they got three dollars off coupons at thicken wangs, chicken
and thangs. thang it aint, mayn.
tajuana: them thangs sho’ be good!
dj: you and your guests will be staying at the peek-a-boo motel
on the corner of 69th and west ding-a-long boulevard.
so, baby, don’t miss that train!
tajuana: what the h-ll? hey, wrinkle it baby.

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