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lirik lagu can i hitter freestyle – travis porter


wats up my nig, wats hannanin
wats up my nig, wats hannanin
you got dem hoes with ya and i got em bad
now you gon buss em open
dog you no me man
i get up in dem
i just go mental man
den ali he strap em up n den he drill em man
and den lil strap he try to hit em but he kill em man
i mean like gettin down on the flo aye man you feel me man

can i hitter (yea), den i hitter (yea)
den i p-ss ha to ali n den he split ha (yea)
den i pull ha hair, and smack ha -ss
at first i go slow den i just go super fast
i do ha bad, lil strap
you no i’m bad, i’m crazy man
gotta strap up i don’t want no baby man
p-ss ha to quez and den he gon slay ha man

can i hitter (yea) [x9]

can i least just hit ha
can i least just do this, she just like a one hitter quitter
i dig a one hit quitter
i f-ck ha den i leave ha
i don’t give a d-mn, she’s a lie i don’t believe ha

she say she’s a virgin and she neva did this sh-t before
she said she neva suck no d-ck before, i say stupid hoe you lying
d-mn i’m a tell you one mo time you is fine
d-mn shawty can you just b mine like ooohhhh

aye, i don’t no y, y ya’ll really askin n-gg-s questions like can i hitter
wat is my name (like fareal)
travis porter (yea, i hitter, yea, i hitter)