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lirik lagu can’t wait – travie mccoy

(feat. stress)

i can’t wait
this is what i’ve been waiting for…
i can’t wait
till my loves walks in the door

[verse 1:]
and i’m just sitting here beginning to get a little impatient
fingernails gone
chain smoking
heart racing
pacing back and forth waiting on wifey to get home
she been gone for four days but that’s four too long
she on her way tho
from jfk so traffic must be crazy
maybe travi is… f-ck it
swiffer my apartment five times
got it smelling fresh
i kno when she walks thru the door
we bout to make a mess
yesss the door man just called in
shes down stairs
oh lord…
i feel like i’ve been waiting forever
just to smell her
and kiss her on the nose
and tell her daddys glad shes home
shes in the elevator
i’m getting b-tterflies
then the door bell rings and i can see her eyes
thru the peep hole
so i open up the door slow and hug her till she turns blue
girl you kno how much i missed you?

i can’t wait
this is what i’ve been waiting for…
i can’t wait
till my loves walks in the door

[verse 2:]
and now we in the bed wrestling
nestled in the covers watching paris’s burning
(rest in peace wily ninja)
she likes to call me bear
i like to call her mami
things is heating up
she like, get behind me
shes a bad girl
so i’m a punish her
like frank castle
no remorse when i’m done with her
practicing baby making
i kno she not faking
her eyes are rolling back
i got her legs shaking
we’ve had our ups and downs
we’ve had our in and outs
nah i’m just being nasty
my baby girls cl-ssy
told me she kissed a girl
she said she liked it
me being the man that i am you kno i got excited
i can’t wait no more
let’s go get this license
i mean dating’s cool
but marriage is priceless
let’s set a date
and tell your girlfriends
mr. and mrs. mccoy
until the world ends


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