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lirik lagu candy love – asianize

verse 1-
baby you are mine
you’re everthing to me
you’re my laughter and my joy
the music to the song i sing
you’re my dream. my fantasy
and for that you’ll always be my candy love

candy love, your love is like
candy love
you bring sweetness in my life
and for that you’ll always be my candy love

verse 2-
it took lots of time
but love came with destiny
and i know that i am the one for you
and you the one for me
babe i can’t tell you how much you mean to me
cuz it’s like heaven when i wake and before i sleep
my heart is yours, for you to keep


heartbreaks from the past
is starting to make sense
this candy love of yours
seems so sweet and intense
i love you boy
you know that’s true
it’s more than candy love…
i feel for u

chorus till fade

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