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lirik lagu can’t stop thinking about love – regine velasquez

hey, yeah, yeah
day and night, you’ve always on my mind
a love like ours was very hard to find
but now your love has been taken away
what can i do to make you stay
days go by, but still so much more tears to cry
so far apart, left me with this lonely broken heart

baby i can’t stop thinking about love tonight
can’t even tell you what’s wrong or right
i need you here to love me for the rest of my life
don’t you know how much loving i have for you
when you’re not around my heart breaks in two
baby, i can’t stop thinking about love tonight
can’t stop thinking ’bout you?.

to love is what i do best
you’ll always be better than the rest
it won’t be easy finding someone new
‘coz there’s no other one like you
the night goes on, and i still think of you from dusk ’till dawn
i love you so, don’t know how i’m ever gonna let you

(repeat chorus)

baby i hope you know i love you
with all my heart and soul
if you open your eyes, look into my heart
you’ll see the love in store for you

(repeat chorus ’till it fades)

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