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lirik lagu can’t you see – aura

(feat. mica paris, styles p)

since back in the day
we’ve been close friends
you would call on me telling me your problems
i’d been feeling things, things i never said
when you said that you were in love
wish it was me instead
i’d treat you like an angel
he treats you like a fool
when you were hurting baby, i was broken too
and i can’t go on
i need you baby

tired of being the shoulder you lean on
wanna be the one you hold on to
more than just a friend
let me be your everything
wish i knew the way to make you
see that i’ve fallen in love with you
can’t you see i love you baby

if i sit you down, tell you what i’m going through
will you leave him?
will it be too much for you?
don’t wanna be an addition
to your situation
i never wanna be a complication
but if i see you cry
i’m stepping in
i can’t keep watching you get your heart broken


i ain’t never said that i loved you
more than the friend that put nothin above you
and i could be more than the shoulder you lean on
i could be your king little lady, you’d be gettin your queen on
it hurt me everytime i seen him hurt you
thinkin ’bout these feelins got me runnin in circles
(i can’t go on this way)
i love your mind, body and soul, and even your perfume

[chorus x2]

whenever you’re down, a mess
i will be there baby
i will lift you up when
when there’s trouble girl
look over your shoulders honey
when there’s (trouble)
you can count on me

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