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lirik lagu caps – allfrumtha-i

(verse 1 -squeak ru)
it goes bam, bam how you like me now
squeak from the westside, quick to buck em down
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, here i come
the fat man cappin wit the double barrel gun
n-gg-s better run from the maniac prisoner
or i’m givin’ ya,
folks a straight seat, in the front of church,
now i got ya dressed in ya best hittin switches in a he-rs-
burstin from the brain, with this it’s insane
hoo-bang, 45 reasons to make your flesh hang
set ya up to wet ya up
to shut ya up, what you gone do now, n-gg- i got to casket shut
hit the cut or get the you-know-what
fool, i’m down to bust cuz i can’t get enough
squeak comin rough and i’m f-ckin n-gg-s up, n-gg-
(f-ckin n-gg-s up, n-gg-)
uh, don’t you know that…

caps get peeled on the regular, on the regular, on the regular, on the regular
caps get peeled on the regular, on the regular, on the regular, on the regular

(verse 2 -squeak ru)
caps get peeled on the regular
when i f-ck around and get hardcore
n-gg-, you can’t reach my level
i beat the sh-t out the devil
with a shovel, f-ck a rebel
the suicidal m-th-f-ckin menace
leavin nuttin but bones and ya skull when i’m finished
you better hide when i hoo-ride
bustas bringin drama, i’ma loosin off ya chestsize
wit these hollow point tips
the sh-t that i’m totin is potent wit the 50 clip
you can’t fade me, n-gg- tryna daze me
muthaf-cker, what’s wrong wit you, is you crazy
f-ck wit squeak that all she wrote
my family tree ain’t sh-t but killas and cutthroats
that bash outta the gates of h-ll
ready to bail
the creature that’ll beat ya, that is down to give em sh-ll


(verse 3 -squeak ru)
n-gg-s better watch they step
i might be the craziest m-th-f-cker you ever met
i retaliate for respect, f-ck a rep
step and i break yo neck
that’s how the f-ck i’m comin
don’t get mad if you catch me up in your woman
no love is how you treat a hoe
and you b-tch made n-gg-s y’all gots to go
that’s right, i can’t stand it
ain’t enough room for me and you on the planet
ain’t no way for you to top my flow
squeak ru from the land of the hunnit spokes, m-th-f-cker

i pledge allegiance to the rag of the united westside connection
and the w for which it stands, one neighborhood under god
y’all know the rest…


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