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lirik lagu carnage in the temple of the damned – deicide


sacramental ceremony
people’s temple of the holy
sepulcher for salvation
suicidal confirmation

forgive me father for i have sinned
you will never sin again!

when we meet again it will be the promised land
death is in command to the victims of the plan
in the temple of the dammed
drink the blood, concentrate of death
congregation is dead

carnage of the dead
m-ss cremations of the blessed
sermonizing fatal end
in the temple of the d-mned

homage of unknown, origin of mr. jones
of the final praise to the populated grave
in the temple of the saved
death awaits you, to escape is to die
carnage, blessed be the non-divine

writer: asheim, steven kenneth / benton, glen michael / hoffman, brian / hoffman, eric
lyrics © universal music publishing group