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lirik lagu carolina – eric church

there’s a cabin in a valley,
my grandpa built on your land.
your mountains are a canvas,
for the makers hand.

tonight i’m fishing elk river,
if only in my mind.
no, i haven’t seen her banks in such a long, long time.

i carry you in my heart
your memory comes over me like the dark and

like a phone call from my baby,
sayin’ honey i miss ya like crazy.
like the sound of a siren song,
oh carolina, ya keep callin me home.
callin’ me home.

sometimes i grow weary,
from goin’ all the time.
i love to take a minute,
let you ease my mind.

i’d love to see my mama
maybe go for a drive
but i gotta play the star in some little town again tonight

don’t get me wrong
i love what i do
it’s just another song about missing you


callin’ me home
callin’ me home
callin’ me home, yeah

oh, oh, we’re almost home

like a phone call from my baby
sayin honey i miss ya, i miss ya like crazy
just like the song of a siren song

oh carolina,
keep callin me home,
callin’ me home,
callin’ me home,
callin’ me home

keep callin’ me home.

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