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lirik lagu change the world – finger eleven

i just want the best for you girl
but i don’t think i really know
what that means
i know you bring the best out of me
and i know you’re sick
of abstract things
but time has been kind
in a weird kind of way
cause i’ve been waiting for this feeling to leave
if i can hold onto this feeling this long
maybe i can get you to hold me

don’t you believe, girl
you’ll change the world
at least you changed the world for me

i won’t be sorry if you leave me girl
cause i’m the world’s biggest fan of clich©s
i’ll set you free then i’ll love like i’m not
hurting in the world’s worst ways

but i don’t know if i can make it alone
and i don’t have much more left to lose
i can’t say for sure just where i’ll end up
i just want to end up there with you

when the darkness never ends
and my world’s crashing in
and it starts to turn again
will you believe?

when i won’t get over you
and my world splits in two
when i just can’t make it through
will you believe?

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