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lirik lagu change your world – anthony hamilton

[verse 1]
i’d be in the hall of fame
the mere mentioning of your name
if they knew i loved you the way that i did
and kissin couldn’t be a shame, when you love someone, and fallin in love there’s no blame when it’s all
said and done, and i never knew, about this thing, yeah, cause there were no clues, oh what a shame

oh when you stop, and start falling in love, it changes your whole world, turns you upside
down, i never knew about real love, it changes your whole world, turns your world upside down

[verse 2]
i must admit i stand accused of falling in love, long before you said h-llo, and i said i do,
it was all new to me, an unfamiliar world a beauty unknown to man and a cure for the blues
and i never knew about this thing yeah, and oh there were no clues, oh oh what a shame


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