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lirik lagu cheer up murray – flight of the conchords


cheer up murray

don’t let it get you down

pick yo… (more)
cheer up murray
don’t let it get you down
pick yourself up off the ground
it’s gonna be alright
cheer up murray
you look a little sad
your life ain’t so bad
just think of all the good times
remember your 33rd birthday
you threw a great big party
and all of your friends were there for you
jemaine, greg, and me
we brought you a cake in the shape of a four and a three
’cause we all thought you were forty three
you got a dog
he loves you murray
it’s one h-ll of a dog
it’s an english bulldog
and you’ve got a car
don’t you murray
it’s an ’03 accord
only one previous owner
and you’ve got a job
you’ve got all of your limbs
you’ve got a sensitive nose
and you do tae kwon do
you’re good at matching your ties to your clothes
you’ve got a wife
though she comes and goes
some people don’t return your calls
they don’t return your calls
people will call you ginger b-lls
they’ll call you ginger b-lls
those people don’t know what they see
they just see ginger b-lls
ginger b-lls
cheer up murray
it’s time to forget
your wife met someone on the net
let’s go and get an ice cream
cheer up murray
so nothing goes your way
it’s the same every day
well, tomorrow is another day