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lirik lagu children of poseidon ii – dagon

unsuspecting templars apollo’s chosen priests
slaughtered by atlanteans killed like sacrificial beasts
gross mutated hybrids raid the sacristy
find the scrolls and read the rights to set the people
call upon the sun god falsify the plea
the surface world shall perish when apollo is deceived
the warriors ride to the ends of the earth their victory
is at hand
one final confrontation brings the end of earthbound man
templars of poseidon with sacred scrolls in hand
read the rights and spread the lies to flood the wretched
flooding of the mainland evil to the core
on m-ssive crimson waves of death the children now will
with hate filled hearts the warriors laugh in spite
they know not what we have become mankind’s cruelty now
sounds of death of sweet symphony by nightfall their doom
will be sealed

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