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lirik lagu cinderella – jinxed melody


once upon a time there was a girl named cinderella.
the clock struck midnight, i’m fine, why don’t you save me with you lullaby. all i hear are echos in my head, remembering how you used to tuck me into bed. all i need is my true love prince, and i’ll give it a chance(hold)
[verse 2]
cause i love you and you loved me, and i’ll be your happy cinderella queen, just come back and save me, and i’ll give it a chance(hold)
cause i’m your cinderella and i’ll love you forever, why won’t you love me, just give it a chance(hold)
[verse 2]
i’m not giving up quite yet, i’ll love you forever, come on baby, just give me a chance(hold)
the end