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lirik lagu cinderella – sonics


hey hey hey hey hey everybody
i’m out looking for a girl
she’s the sharpest one
in the whole wide world
i want to be her man
lord, i’ll catch her if i can

i met her at the bar
you know, we danced all night
when i kissed her lips
she even held me tight
disapeared by herself
when my clock struck 12

hey hey hey hey hey cinderella
where have you gone
i got a gl-ss slipper
for you to try on
i want to be your fellow
hey hey hey hey hey cinderella


she’s got a pretty long hair
and sheaâ‚ã‚’s five-foot-two
when she ran away
i found her gl-ss shoe
won’t somebody tell me
what i am gonna do

hey hey hey hey hey cinderella

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