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lirik lagu clap ya hammers – bathgate


[tj:] t.j.
[bath:] bathgate n-gg-
[tj:] rico-la n-gg-
[bath:] y’all get ready

clap ya hands now people clap now
clap ya hands now people clap ya hands

now what you know bout the kid on the strip
mack extend a clip
i seen pappy get a brick
or crack from fity fifth
i’m not a game, i’m a gangsta
slap you with the fifth
lay low, eh yo! back up in the mix
i’m a two time felon, two time rebellin
do crime, do time, no sides are tellin
rather blow with the case
never roll with the state
name hold heavy weight
i sold crack in every state
that i been through
i got plenty shots to send you
your man too, better back up like an (?)
whoa, you dudes don’t really want it
i c-ck that glock back, bullets all in your stomach
i’m gangsta, thats with a capital g
y’all n-gg-s pranksters, don’t wanna battle with me
cause i take it the streets while y’all fakin on beats
the type that wanna speak when y’all faced with the heat
dat ain’t gangsta

naw that ain’t gangsta at all
y’all n-gg-s is soft
i kill style i’m rippen em off
keep them dudes like hand nails, clippin em off
man i’m attached to my money like i’m cotten em off (